Grimes Shares New Song “LOVE” In Response To Online Hate


Grimes Shares New Song “LOVE” In Response To Online Hate

Grimes has been in the news a whole lot lately — for serving on the judging panel of the goofy singing-contest show Alter Ego, for repeatedly defending Elon Musk online, and for no longer being in a relationship with Elon Musk. Clearly, all this attention is starting to wear on her. Today, Grimes has shared a short new song called “LOVE,” writing on Instagram that she wrote the song “in response to all the privacy invasion, bad press, online hate and harassment by paparazzis I’ve experienced this week.”

The two-minute track, which Grimes produced herself, has a bittersweet EDM-pop sound, and its lyrics are about what it’s like to be targeted: “It fucking sucks to be awake/ Oh Lord, I pray my soul to take/ Nobody understands because/ Everything they hate is everything I love… When you hate me, think it fixes you to break me?/ I’ll never fight you back because/ Everything you hate is everything I love.”

In the video that she’s shared with the song, a heavily glammed-out Grimes dances and poses underneath what appears to be a bedsheet, in what may or may not be a conscious evocation of the famous early-YouTube “leave Britney alone” video. She has some very long nails, and for part of it, she’s got a lightsaber. Right now, the song appears to be on Instagram only. Check it out below.

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