Palace – “Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)”


Palace – “Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)”

Not to be confused with the early Will Oldham projects that used permutations of the same name, the Palace we’re here to discuss today — the Palace that’s a going concern — is a band out of London making expansive, emotive alt-rock. At the center of their sound is Leo Wyndham’s falsetto, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Jeff Buckley, though I also hear traces of My Morning Jacket and DIIV and alt-J in their sound. As if telegraphing the Buckley influence, Palace’s new song out today is called “Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)” — maybe it’s a prequel to “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over”? The dreamy but dynamic track is the lead single from Palace’s upcoming album Shoals.

Here’s Wyndham on Shoals as a whole:

It explores and questions what really is palpable and real — what really matters and what we become in death — and the fear of that. The fear of existing and the fear of dying. It’s an ode to the power of the ocean and the majesty of nature and how sometimes they are the only things that truly feel real, living and breathing.

Watch director Theo Watkins’ video for “Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)” below.

01 “Never Said It Was Be Easy”
02 “Shame On You”
03 “Fade”
04 “Gravity”
05 “Give Me The Rain”
06 “Friends Forever”
07 “Killer Whale”
08 “Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)”
09 “Sleeper”
10 “Salt”
11 “Shoals”
12 “Where Sky Becomes Sea”
13 “Does Nothing Good Last Forever”

Shoals is out 1/21 on Avenue A/Fiction.

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