Gum Country – “Tennis (I Feel OK)”


Gum Country – “Tennis (I Feel OK)”

I used up all my Gum Country x Stereogum jokes on the post for “Somewhere,” the lead single and title track from the LA harsh twee duo’s debut album. Now that the Courtneys’ Courtney Garvin and multi-instrumentalist Connor Mayer are back with a second track from the LP, I have no more Gum Country jokes left to make. I only have a song to share.

This new one is called “Tennis (I Feel OK)” and is literally about how playing tennis makes Garvin feel OK. “Why don’t we go down to the court?” goes the chorus. It all wraps up quite earnestly: “It’s just a game/ It’s all the same/ And when it’s done/ I feel OK/ I feel OK/ I feel OK/ I feel OK/ I feel OK/ I feel OK/ I feel OK/ I feel OK.”

In a press release, Garvin elaborates:

Kinda goofy, but in all honesty my relationship with tennis is so meaningful to me on a spiritual level. It’s my meditation practice. The game makes you present, you’re repeating movements, and finding a rhythm. And it’s so creative. I think all athletes are artists. Plus you get to be outside, getting exercise, hanging with friends and all of those things are so good for you. So the song is pretty much about how tennis just makes my life better. I love tennis. If anyone reading this wants to play (after the pandemic) please hit me up.

Listen below, and maybe you’ll feel OK too.

Somewhere is out 6/19. Pre-order it here. Tennis, I should note, is an activity that lends itself to social distancing.

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