Hard Chiller – “Clouds”

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Hard Chiller – “Clouds”


Joey Vannucchi is currently rolling out the new From Indian Lakes album Head Void, which has thus far yielded such promising singles as “The Flow,” “The Lines,” and “The Wilderness.” But Vannucchi is not limiting himself to one exciting new record. He’s also formed a new band called Hard Chiller with Steve Choi of RX Bandits and the Sound Of Animals Fighting, backed by Casey Deitz of the Velvet Teen on drums and Roger Camero of the Warriors and No Motiv on bass.

Today they’re sharing their debut song. “Clouds,” which kicks off Hard Chiller’s forthcoming Heavy Cell EP, has big Deftones energy, headblown and gauzy, slathered in both distortion and melody. A recurring guitar riff that calls back to “My Own Summer (Shove It)” only strengthens that association, but “Clouds” is much prettier than that song. If you imagined what a Deftones song by From Indian Lakes sounded like, you might come up with this.

A statement from Vannuchi:

When Steve hit me up to sing on some songs, I was hyped to just sing over someone else’s riffs without having to come up with any instrumentation. This was my first time doing that since being in bands as a teenager. What came from that is a collection of slow and heavy stuff that reminds me of the late 90’s/early 2000’s bands that I listened to growing up. Clouds feels like the right introduction of that energy.

And from Choi:

Joey and I wanted to do a project because we had a strong vibe together. We started making some songs with no expectations or pretense and before we knew it we had a handful of songs that made our hearts feel chill and excited at the same time. We were blessed to have Born Losers Records get ears on it and want to release our first ep.

Hear “Clouds” below.

Heavy Cell is out 6/28 on Born Losers. Pre-order it here.

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