Kendrick Lamar Shares New Drake Diss Track “6:16 In LA”

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Kendrick Lamar Shares New Drake Diss Track “6:16 In LA”


Kendrick wasn’t done. Earlier this week, Kendrick Lamar, currently embroiled in an extremely newsworthy rap feud with longtime rival Drake, released his furious six-minute attack “Euphoria.” That song is currently on streaming services and doing big numbers, and Kendrick didn’t wait for a Drake response to unleash another volley. Today, Kendrick posted a new volley called “6:16 In LA” on social media.

In its title alone, “6:16 In LA” works as a parody of Drake’s timestamp series — June 16 is both Father’s Day and Tupac Shakur’s birthday — and its artwork is a pair of Maybach gloves. The track features a relaxed but focused Kendrick Lamar going in over a lush, restrained Al Green sample. As Twitter use @LakimIsAlive points out, Drake’s uncle Melvin “Teenie” Hodges actually played guitar on “What A Wonderful Thing Love Is,” the Al Green song being sampled, which could be a whole new level of intentional disrespect. The track is produced by frequent Kendrick collaborator Sounwave and his Red Hearse bandmate Jack Antonoff, who have both produced Taylor Swift; on “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” Drake clowned Kendrick for working with the pop star and said Swift’s release schedule dictated when Kendrick would respond.

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