Hear Velocity Girl’s Previously Unreleased 2002 Songs “Incidental Music” & “Starter Guitar”

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Hear Velocity Girl’s Previously Unreleased 2002 Songs “Incidental Music” & “Starter Guitar”


In June of 2002, after six years broken up, the great DC noise-pop band Velocity Girl got back together to play a benefit show at the Black Cat, raising money for some legal expenses incurred by Bridget. They wrote three new songs for the show and ended up recording them at Maryland’s Omega Studios that August and September. One of them, “It’s Alright By Me,” made it online as a free MP3 download in 2006. The other two are live now.

Velocity Girl got back together for another reunion show last year, and today, for Bandcamp Friday, they’ve released the new EP incidentals. It kicks off with “It’s Alright By Me,” then moves into the two other 2002 recordings, “Incidental Music” and “Starter Guitar.” The tracklist caps off with two recordings from the 2002 Black Cat show, “Sorry Again” and “Pop Loser.”

The band writes:

In 2002, about five years after breaking up, Velocity Girl reunited to play a benefit show to help out former bandmate Bridget Cross with some legal expenses. The show was recorded, and we had such a good time that we kept the reunion going for a few more months, booking another Black Cat show a few months later. We’d come up with three new songs to play for the benefit , and recorded them a few months later at Omega Studios, where Archie worked and the band rehearsed.

We pretty much forgot about this stuff for twenty-plus years, at least partially because it was assumed that the digital recordings were lost or deleted. The ProTools sessions were found a few months ago on an old hard drive and some data tapes and, to our surprise, we liked what we heard.

Stream the full project below and buy it at Bandcamp.

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