High Vis – “Trauma Bonds”


High Vis – “Trauma Bonds”

We named the poppy, Madchester-leaning London hardcore band High Vis a Band To Watch on the strength of the singles from their upcoming album Blending. One more is out today. “Trauma Bonds” is one of the most anthemic High Vis songs to date, all pounding drums, gleaming guitars, and howl-along vocals. The song is fucking phenomenal, but it was inspired by some truly terrible circumstances.

Singer Graham Sayle has this to say about it:

“Trauma Bonds” was written after the news of another tragic suicide of one of our friends during lockdown. It forced us to reflect on how the death of young people had become so normalized within our group of friends that we had become numb to it. Friendships became Trauma Bonds and the gravity of these situations suppressed through toxic coping mechanisms. The song is a hopeful exploration into these feelings in an attempt to support each other through better communication and collective empathy.

Listen below.

Blending is out 9/9 on Dais.

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