Hoops – "Fall Back"


Hoops – "Fall Back"

Hoops broke up, but not for very long. The band released their debut album, Routines, back in 2017, and went on an indefinite hiatus the following year. That same year, band member Kevin Krauter released a solo album, but before long the Bloomington, Indiana-based group got back together again.

“I think we had lost a lot of steam. Hoops wasn’t moving forward organically. It was being dragged along,” Krauter said of their brief break. They teased a return last fall with the one-off song “They Say,” and today they’re back with news of a whole new album, called Halo, which will be out in October.

They’re also sharing the album’s lead single, “Fall Back,” a dreamy and driving song that tumbles over itself elegantly. “Fall back in my arms again/ Just the way it, should have always been,” goes the chorus. Listen below.

01 “Glad You Stayed”
02 “Fall Back”
03 “Blind”
04 “Ride”
05 “Everyone You Know”
06 “Heart Never Stops
07 “They Say”
08 “Quiet Games”
09 “Total Disregard”
10 “I’m On TV”
11 “When It Goes”

Halo is out 10/2 via Fat Possum. Pre-order it here.

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