IAN SWEET – "Power"


IAN SWEET – "Power"

Over the last several months, Jilian Medford’s IAN SWEET project has released a couple new songs. The first, back in May, was “Sword,” which was then followed in August by “Dumb Driver.” The latter accompanied news that IAN SWEET had signed to Polyvinyl, and presumably a full-length project would be on the horizon sooner than later. While today might not bring clarity about a new IAN SWEET album, it does bring us a new IAN SWEET song called “Power.”

“‘Power’ is a manifestation of strength,” Medford said in a statement. “Something I was looking up and looking towards. I wrote this song to try to get closer to trusting the magnitude of myself as a solitary being.” Musically, “Power” is gentler than its title might suggest, with Medford singing over hazy acoustic verses. But for each chorus, a wave of distortion rises up beneath her — making its finale hit all the harder.

Check it out below.

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