JB Dunckel – “Where Are The Kids”

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JB Dunckel – “Where Are The Kids”


JB Dunckel, one half of the storied French duo Air, released his solo album Carbon last year, and he followed it a few months ago with the standalone dance single “Summer Bip Bip.” Today, Dunckel has released another solo single that, like “Summer Bip Bip,” is more of a playful electro glide than the kind of luxuriant bachelor-pad music that he famously made in Air.

On Instagram, JB Dunckel writes that he “wanted to experiment with new sounds” on the new song “Where Are The Kids.” The track is a bright, high-stepping synth-funk jam with computerized vocals reciting laments about today’s youth. It sounds at least slightly Gorillaz-esque, and I don’t think I’m saying that just because it’s got an animated video from director Raphael Chiapparin. Check it out below.

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