Jessie Ware Covers Cher’s “Believe”

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Jessie Ware Covers Cher’s “Believe”


This spring, the great British singer Jessie Ware will follow her sick-as-hell 2020 dance-pop opus What’s Your Pleasure? with another new album called That! Feels Good! Thus far, it sure seems like Jessie Ware is still making joyous, disco-informed pop music. You can hear that in the early singles “Free Yourself” and “Pearls,” and you can also hear it in Ware’s choice of what song to cover in her new BBC session.

Jessie Ware recently did a live-in-studio performance in BBC Radio 2’s Piano Room, with the BBC Concert Orchestra backing her up. This performance seems like a real production, though we don’t actually get to watch most of it in these United States. In her session, Ware sang live versions of “Free Yourself” and “Pearls,” and she also took on Cher’s world-conquering 1998 comeback smash “Believe.”

The Jessie Ware version of “Believe” is as sweeping and elegant as you’d hope, and it makes full use of the BBC Concert Orchestra. Right now, the full video of that performance isn’t online, but here’s a longish clip:

If you’re in the UK, you can watch Jessie Ware’s full Piano Room set via the BBC iPlayer, but that’s blocked in the US. To hear the whole thing, you’ve got to cue up this stream and, for “Believe,’ jump to the 2:19:55 mark. Also, you can see the “Pearls” performance and Cher’s original “Believe” video below.

That! Feels Good! is out 4/28 on EMI.

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