Judiciary – “Knife In The Dirt”

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Judiciary – “Knife In The Dirt”


You probably shouldn’t put a knife in the dirt. It seems like that would be unsanitary. But maybe that’s the point. In any case, the Texan metallic hardcore band Judiciary can feel free to ignore my advice about knives and dirt. Judiciary can do what they want.

In a few weeks, Judiciary will follow up their monstrous 2019 full-length debut Surface Noise with their new album Flesh + Blood. The band recorded the new LP with Arthur Rizk, and the early singles “Engulfed” and “Paradigm Piercer” are just insanely heavy. The same is true of “Knife In The Dirt,” the new song that Judiciary shared today.

“Knife In The Dirt” is an absolute onslaught of a song that’s built on a head-crusher of a riff. Singer Jake Collinson has enough reverb on his voice that he sometimes sounds like a cave demon, and at the end of the track, when most hardcore bands would slow things down, Judiciary amp the track up to Slayer speeds. Check it out below.

Flesh + Blood is out 3/10 on Closed Casket Activities.

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