Julie Byrne – “Moonless”

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Julie Byrne – “Moonless”


This new Julie Byrne track — hoo boy. “Moonless,” the latest single from Byrne’s grand return The Greater Wings, is the first song she’s ever written on piano. Its quality suggests she ought to sit down at the keyboard to write more often. She should definitely recruit an orchestra to dress up the edges of those tracks with staggering, elegant beauty, too. Even if you’re not really one for ballads, “Moonless” is likely to grab your attention and leave you breathless.

Byrne’s statement on the song:

I remember walking through the dune systems on the ocean side of Culatra, the noises of the docks, the scent of tidal flats. The land itself, as a coastal formation, in a constant state of movement between erosion and growth.

Listen below.

The Greater Wings is out 7/7 on Ghostly.

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