Kane Brown Hit In The Balls By Thrown Boot In Wichita

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Kane Brown Hit In The Balls By Thrown Boot In Wichita


Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have evidently forgotten how to act in live music situations. Nobody should need to be told not to throw things at pop stars while they’re performing, and yet it keeps happening — Lady Gaga getting beaned with a stuffed Dr. Simi, Harry Styles taking a Skittle to the eye. Last night, the pop-country sensation Kane Brown was performing at Wichita’s Intrust Bank Arena when someone nailed him in the nuts with a whole entire cowboy boot.

During last night’s show, Kane Brown was in the middle of performing “One Thing Right,” his 2019 collaboration with the dance DJ Marshmello. Right after singing the line “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Brown was hammered right in the scrotum by a cowboy boot that someone inexplicably hurled toward the stage. Brown immediately doubled over, took a knee, and then finished the song while lying on his back.

From all available evidence, Kane Brown is a true model of professionalism. After finishing the song, Brown got back up, said that he needed a minute, and walked it off. He even managed not to cuss: “Gol-ly! Hit me with the heel! I felt that!” He also asked if the boot was expensive. According to TMZ, Brown then signed the boot and handed it back to the audience. If it had been me up there, things would’ve happened differently. I would not have said “golly,” and I absolutely would not have autographed the offending object.

Thanks to the miracle Of TikTok, we can now see Kane Brown taking a boot to the junk from multiple angles. Witness the atrocity below.

@haileebrigman @kanebrown ♬ original sound – haileebrigman
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@riley_wedgewood4 POOR MAN WAS ON THE FLOOR #kanebrown @kanebrown ♬ original sound – You have found Riley
@chasidy314 #drunkordreamingtour #intrustbankarena #kanebrown #wichitakansas @kanebrown @katelynrosebrown @dustinlynch_ ♬ original sound – Chasidy ✌️

Every one of those videos shows people laughing and cheering after the boot-to-the-groin moment. Kane Brown needs some better fans.

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