Labrinth – “Never Felt So Alone” (Feat. Billie Eilish)

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Labrinth – “Never Felt So Alone” (Feat. Billie Eilish)


Late last year, Billie Eilish played a series of hometown shows at the Forum in Los Angeles, and she brought out surprise guests like Phoebe Bridgers, Dave Grohl, and Childish Gambino. One of Eilish’s guests was Labrinth, the British singer and songwriter who’s probably most famous for scoring the HBO show Euphoria. Together, they performed a couple of songs, including the previously unreleased “Never Felt So Alone.” Today, that song finally comes out as a Labrinth/Billie Eilish duet.

“Never Felt So Alone” has already been around for a minute, even if it’s only now coming out for real. The song was featured on a season-two Euphoria episode, and it became a TikTok hit shortly thereafter. Labrinth tells Apple Music that he and Eilish had been mutual fans before recording the track, though they’d never interacted before he sent the song to Eilish.

Now, “Never Felt So Alone” is the first single from Labrinth’s forthcoming album Ends & Begins. It’s a sad, hazy lullaby that doesn’t really fit into any one particular genre. Check it out below.

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