Le Pain – “Rachel Veut Danser”

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Le Pain – “Rachel Veut Danser”


Last year, we wrote about Le Pain — a project led by Madeline Babuka Black (formerly of Yucky Duster) and her sister Olivia. Since 2022’s “Is That How You Want Me To Feel,” the duo has been pretty quiet. That’s about to change — today, Le Pain is back with a brand-new single, “Rachel Veux Danser,” and an accompanying video shot by Julie Orlick and animated/directed by Madeline.

Produced and recorded by Joo Joo Ashworth, “Rachel Veux Danser” is a fun art-pop bop that also features mixing by Scott Rosenthal. As the band lays out in a press release, “The song is a moody stroll across the dance floor — closer to Nico or Broadcast than Donna Summer. It tells the story of a girl who tries to escape the drudgery of her life by dancing at a disco party.”

This summer, Jake Orrall from Jeff The Brotherhood will release a 12″ remix of the track along with another remix from Jackie Mendoza.

Listen to “Rachel Veux Danser” below.

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