Lydia Loveless – “You’re Leaving Me” & “Let’s Make Out”


Lydia Loveless – “You’re Leaving Me” & “Let’s Make Out”

Last year, Lydia Loveless released her most recent album, the great Daughter. Now, we’ll finally get to hear some of that material live. Loveless has announced a fall co-headlining tour with Lilly Hiatt, and to celebrate she’s also shared two new songs.

Loveless’ new tracks are called “You’re Leaving Me” and “Let’s Make Out” — so you could imagine they come from rather different places. “You’re Leaving Me” was recorded during the sessions for Daughter. “It’s a song about being a committed daydreamer and fantasist, mulling over what could be past the honeymoon phases and into the endings,” Loveless explained. “Let’s Make Out” was already a live favorite, and the studio version was recorded a few years ago.

Check them out below.

Both songs are out now on Loveless’ Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late Records. You can get tickets for her tour here.

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