Manuel Aspidi Brings Hopeful Vibes On “Last Call”


Manuel Aspidi Brings Hopeful Vibes On “Last Call”

This month, Manuel Aspidi released a widely acclaimed single about the organized animal cruelty by humans titled “Last Call.” Aspidi joined forces with Phil Palmer from Dire Straits who wrote the song’s lyrics, and with the Italian branch of The WWF, in order to help raise awareness on this major issue that keeps getting worse every year. 

The song is beautiful, Manuel Aspidi’s vocals are heavenly, bringing together all the ingredients to give this release the status of a soon-to-become hit that will surely help strengthen the presence of the WWF and its major messages in the minds of listeners.  

Message from the WWF:

“Manuel Aspidi is an important gesture that once again underlines his sensitivity towards the environment. We hope that Last Call can become a great amplifier of the request to act against the climate crisis and the loss of bio-loss to which it is necessary to put a barrier as soon as possible, through concrete, effective and above all immediate choices.  Just as Manuel’s piece says, we arrived at the last call: there is no more time to waste, this is the moment to reverse the course to build a sustainable future in harmony with nature. And just to build our future WWF Italy has launched the great consultation Il Mondo che Verrà, to which everyone can contribute their ideas on“

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