Mariah The Scientist – "RIP"


Mariah The Scientist – "RIP"

Mariah The Scientist chose an extremely literal stage name. Before moving back to Atlanta to focus on her music, the 22-year-old R&B singer-songwriter was pursuing a biology degree at St. John’s University in Queens en route to an anesthesiology career. The music thing is working out; Tory Lanez took her on tour, and RCA released last summer’s full-length project Master, which marked her as one of the most refreshing voices in her genre.

She’s back today with “RIP,” her first new song since then. Its shapeshifting reverie becomes the soundtrack for a call to urgency in romance: “If we can’t live forever/ Baby it is now or never/ And if nothing I guess I’ll see you in heaven/ ‘Cause I’m speeding on my way home from Eleven.” After its introduction, “RIP” settles into a molasses trap groove that pairs marvelously with Mariah’s sweet-sounding expressions of frustration: “Well I dream to be a fool/ That way you wouldn’t know that I knew what you do.”

Listen below, where you can also check out some videos from Master.

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