Oh Shit, Kelly Clarkson Covered Spacehog

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Oh Shit, Kelly Clarkson Covered Spacehog


Do you ever feel like a popular entertainer is directly targeting you, personally? In a way that makes you feel happy but also slightly discombobulated, even though you know it can’t really be happening? I’m starting to get that feeling. Kelly Clarkson has sold zillions of records, and she has a hugely popular daytime TV show whose audience is entirely comprised of people who are not me. There is no way in hell she cares one iota about some middle-aged blogger in Virginia. But now Clarkson, doing her cover-songs-every-day thing, is marching her way methodically through the alt-rock hits of my high-school years. I don’t even know, man.

Just in the past few days, Kelly Clarkson has aimed her bazooka of a voice at Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” and the Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979.” Today, she’s gotten around to motherfucking Spacehog. You remember Spacehog, or maybe you don’t. British band. Vaguely glammy. Singer used to be married to Liv Tyler. Made four albums, but they’re only remembered for one hit. Thankfully, that one hit is a beast of a monster, and that’s the one that Kelly Clarkson sang today.

“In The Meantime,” baby! What a song! Big riffs! Big hooks! Big synth action! Not such a big voice! Spacehog’s Royston Langdon certainly knows how to sing a song like “In The Meantime,” but when you hear Kelly Clarkson hammering home a couple of gigantic notes on the second chorus, it’s like: Oh, right. There are people who can do this. There aren’t many people who can do this, but Kelly Clarkson is one of them. Below, hear her chewing “In The Meantime” up into little pieces.

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