Osees – “Weird And Wasted Connection”


Osees – “Weird And Wasted Connection”

Osees are on a hot streak right now. But then again, when are they not? John Dwyer’s psychedelic garage-rock institution — also known as Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees, OCS, and a million other similar permutations — just released the great new LP Protean Threat, one of their best albums in recent memory. And so, of course, they immediately announced another record, Metamorphosed, a collection of tracks from the same sessions that produced last year’s Face Stabber and The 12″ Synth 12″.

We’ve already heard one of Metamorphosed’s five tracks, the breakneck ripper “Electric War.” And now they’re sharing another, “Weird And Wasted Connection,” which toggles between moments of freaked-out intensity and coiled tension. Listen to it below — and prepare yourselves for Panther Rotate, the upcoming Protean Threat remix album, while you’re at it.

Metamorphosed is out 10/16 on Rock Is Hell.

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