Soul Glo – “29”


Soul Glo – “29”

In one month, the frantic and chaotic Philadelphia punk band Soul Glo will release their new EP Songs To Yeet At The Sun, the follow-up to the hard and confrontational 2019 album The Nigga In Me Is Me. Touché Amoré frontman Jeremy Bolm is putting the new EP out on his revived Secret Voice label, and it’s a total fucking ripper. We’ve already posted the opening track “(Quietly) Do The Right Thing,” and now Soul Glo have shared the even nastier follow-up “29.”

“29” is barely more than a minute long, but it does a whole lot of damage in that time. The track sounds like sludgy late-’60s garage rock played at triple speed, right down to the breakneck riffage and the deranged piano-pounding on the outro. It’s a truly intense 75-second jolt, and it becomes even more intense when the words come into focus.

Frontman Pierce Jordan, who has one of the world’s nastiest screams, and you would never be able to make out his lyrics by yourself. (Thankfully, Soul Glo have transcribed those words on their Bandcamp page.) But those lyrics, it turns out, are truly heavy: “It’s so sweet that I’ll keep memories of a degree that put a freeze on my grandma’s medical covering. The tragedy’s not lost on me.” Listen below.

Songs To Yeet At The Sun is out 11/6 on Secret Voice.

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