Overmono – “Blow Out”

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Overmono – “Blow Out”


Just as this summer was getting going, Overmono, the duo of Welsh dance-producer brothers Tom and Ed Russell, released Good Lies, an excellent debut album that went tripping all the way across rave history. They also put a very handsome dog on their album cover, and we should commend them for that. Now, Overmono have followed that album with their new single “Blow Out,” which they debuted at this year’s Coachella festival.

“Blow Out” is a giddy, energetic track with intense bass sounds and a chopped-up rap vocal sample that I feel like I almost recognize. (If you know what it is, please leave it in the comments. It’s driving me nuts.) They also put that same dog in the cover art. The press release for “Blow Out” actually has a cover of the Russell brothers, but come on, you don’t want to look at those guys. You want to look at the dog.

Here’s what the Russell brothers say about “Blow Out”:

“Blow Out” was the first thing we made after finishing the album. After that process of being quite methodical, we had an urge to write something that was really out-and-out lairy and wanted the bass to sound like it was playing out of a blown-out speaker. The track was finished the day before our show at Coachella, and we thought there was probably no better place to test it out. It’s become one of our favourite parts of the live show, since and we’ll never forget playing it to a packed-out home crowd at GALA just after the album had been released.

Overmono have some tour dates coming up on both sides of the Atlantic, and they put that dog in their tour poster. Below. Check out “Blow Out” and that poster.

“Blow Out” and Good Lies are out now on XL Recordings.

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