Peter Brewis – “Lemoncadabra”

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Peter Brewis – “Lemoncadabra”


Field Music’s Peter Brewis has announced a new album called Blowdry Colossus, his first solo venture since 2008’s The Week That Was. (His brother David, the other half of Field Music, released his debut solo album last year.) The mostly-instrumental album will be out at the end of September. “I wanted to make something where the music was the focus,” Brewis noted in a statement. “With songs, the lyrics tend to carry the meaning: ‘This song is about…’. I wanted the music to be the meaning – the melodies, harmonies, sounds, structures.” Check out lead single “Lemoncadabra” below.

01 “Drumeoscene”
02 “Lemoncadabra”
03 “Blowdry Colossus”
04 “Second Hand Slow”
05 “Warm Wind”
06 “Generation Dial Up”
07 “Dog Bark Dark”
08 “Smith Made Up”
09 “Panda Tonic”

Blowdry Colossus is out 9/22 via Daylight Savings Records.

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