“Playboi Carti” Rapper Loe Shimmy Emerges As One Of 2022’s Hottest Artists


“Playboi Carti” Rapper Loe Shimmy Emerges As One Of 2022’s Hottest Artists

Loe Shimmy keeps on gaining popularity with every new release. The American rapper’s latest single, “Playboi Carti,” has brought him a new set of achievements and earned him the spotlight once again. “I keep up the hard work and stay true to my music which is why I’ve had this much positive feedback and I couldn’t be more grateful,” says the artist.

Following this year’s “Wake Em up,” “Not the same,” and “On the Run,” Loe Shimmy dropped the music video for “Playboi Carti,” which was shot by IWANTJUAN. The laid-back rap track introduces a chiller side of the Hip Hop artist, emphasizing more on his raspy and unique voice.

“I feel like a lot of new artists spring up here and there, and perhaps unintentionally, but a lot of them do sound similar. Taking the time to polish and sharpen your own sound is key in any genre because no one wants to be generic and no fan wants to hear the same type of music again and again. I’ve worked very hard on defining my own sound, and I will continue to do so in the future,” explains Loe.

Following “Playboi Carti,” Shimmy plans to drop a new single called “Fallin” just before the end of the year. The track will give fans a taste of Loe’s upcoming album, to be released in 2023.  

Watch the official video for “Playboi Carti” on YouTube:

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