Prewn – “But I Want More”

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Prewn – “But I Want More”


Prewn is a project based out of Northampton, Massachusetts led by Izzy Hagerup, and next month she’s releasing her debut album, Through The Window, via Exploding In Sound Records. Today, we’re getting its lead single, “But I Want More,” the sort of raw, immediate recording that makes one sit up and take notice: Hagerup’s quivering voice and swallowed-up words gives way to a scraping, ambling breakdown and a chorus that expresses a desire for normalcy.

The song was written about her father’s struggle with Parkinson’s disease. “To witness his entrapment by his own body on top of such severe isolation during covid was just enough to turn a highly detached gal into one with real feeling, enough feeling to even write a song that I really, really mean” she noted.

Listen below.

01 “Machine”
02 “But I Want More”
03 “Alive”
04 “Woman”
05 “I’m Gonna Fry All The Fish In The Sea”
06 “Perfect World”
07 “Shelia”
08 “Burning Up”

Through The Window is out 8/25 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.

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