Ruston Kelly – “Dream Song” (Samia Cover)

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Ruston Kelly – “Dream Song” (Samia Cover)


Earlier this year, the bedroom-pop singer-songwriter Samia released her sophomore album Honey. A few months afterward, Samia announced Honey Reimagined, a series of singles in which Samia’s peers cover the songs from the LP. We’ve already posted versions of different Samia songs from Blondshell, Maya Hawke, and Hovvdy. Now, Ruston Kelly has offered up his own take on Samia’s “Dream Song.”

Ruston Kelly, the sly country singer-songwriter, released his own very good album The Weakness earlier this year. Now, he’s turned Samia’s soft, fluttery “Dream Song” into a spacey blissout. There’s very little country in Kelly’s take on “Dream Song,” unless you’re counting his not-that-thick accent. Instead, Kelly sings sweetly over soft, pretty synth-drones, and the track builds with easy assurance. It’s nice! Below, listen to Kelly’s version of “Dream Song” and the Samia original.

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