SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “The End To A Brief Moment Of Lasting Intimacy”


SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “The End To A Brief Moment Of Lasting Intimacy”

Next month, the chaotic and theatrical San Diego post-hardcore band SeeYouSpaceCowboy will release The Romance Of Affliction, their latest twisty pileup of screams and riffs and hooks. Isaac Gale, from Knocked Loose and Inclination, produced the album, and, it’s got guest appearances from people like Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley and Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie. We’ve already posted the early singles “Misinterpreting Constellations” and “Intersecting Storylines To The Same Tragedy.” Today, we get another one.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy’s latest ripper has the beautifully pretentious and self-contradictory title “The End To A Brief Moment Of Lasting Intimacy.” The song is the kind of gleaming, dramatic berserker music that sits squarely in this band’s comfort zone. This is definitely cheesy mall-core stuff, but it hits, and it’s not remotely embarrassed about being cheesy mall-core. The video, from director Cameron Nunez, is uncommonly horny. It features a heavy makeout sessions, many of which include members of the band. Check it out below.

The Romance Of Affliction is out 11/5 on Pure Noise.

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