Sleigh Bells – “Justine Go Genesis”


Sleigh Bells – “Justine Go Genesis”

Next month, Sleigh Bells, the party-starting noise-pop duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller, will return with their new album Texis. The group already shared the sugary attack of lead single “Locust Laced,” and they’ve just followed it up with an even more fizzy and chaotic new track.

The new single “Justine Go Genesis” is one of the first that Sleigh Bells wrote for the new album; Miller sent Krauss the demo for the track back in 2018. The song has a jittery ’90s-jungle breakbeat and a crunching arena-metal riff, both of which set off Krauss’ straight-up pop vocals beautifully. Sleigh Bells sounded crazy when they first arrived a decade ago, but “Justine Go Genesis” sounds fully of-the-moment, like Sleigh Bells predicted hyperpop years before it arrived.

The new “Justine Go Genesis” picks up right where the “Locust Laced” clip left off. Alexis Krauss returns to the role of the old-timey country singer who freaked out and exploded during a TV performance, and the new clip plays out like a surreal vision quest. Derek Miller co-directed the video with Alex Ross Perry, the indie filmmaker who directed the great 2018 movie Her Smell. Watch it below.

Texis is out 9/10 on Mom + Pop Music. Pre-order it here.

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