EnkiiE & Tee Wild Take Us On A Blissful Trip To The “Sky”


EnkiiE & Tee Wild Take Us On A Blissful Trip To The “Sky”

Emerging American rapper EnkiiE and skilled artist Tee Wild have collaborated on the creation of a feel-good track titled “Sky.” The pair display a unique symbiosis in which their special chemistry translates magically into sound, flow, and groove. Between Hip-Hop, rap and trap, this track encompasses multiple genres while remaining totally authentic thanks to EnkiiE’s brilliant lyricism and meticulous performance. 

In the press release of the song, EnkiiE explains: “I wouldn’t necessarily put my music into a category but, if I had to, I would say it’s a fusion between hip hop and trap. My objective is to make real music that people can connect to emotionally and intellectually. Also, I enjoy inspiring the people around me. Present time 2020, I’ve come to the realization that having a space to be who you are at the core is vital for growth so my music is the vessel to help facilitate that. Enkii Engineering, amongst other amazing individuals, and brands, are striving to provide a community for creatives looking for support. Not just support for promoting brands but also for promoting wellbeing on physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental levels.”

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