Snow Ellet – “Whiskey & Soda Pop”

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Snow Ellet – “Whiskey & Soda Pop”


Over the past few months, Chicago’s Snow Ellet has been sharing some nostalgia rush-inducing singles that he recorded with Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin. So far, we’ve gotten “Playing Dead” and “Elevator,” and today we’re getting the final track in the trifecta, “Whiskey & Soda Pop.” It’s giving Blink-182, it’s giving childhood, it’s giving All-American Rejects’ “Swing Swing.” Fun! “Let’s all move out and quit our day jobs/ Take a train downtown, whiskey and soda pop,” goes the hook. “Faster, can it stop going faster/ Makes my heart sting, remembering the laughter.” Listen below.

“Whiskey & Soda Pop” is out now via Wax Bodega.

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