Watch GloRilla Bring Out Surprise Guest Cardi B In NYC

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Watch GloRilla Bring Out Surprise Guest Cardi B In NYC


I know it’s not easy being a rap star. It’s a dangerous job, you have no privacy, and you’re always in danger of falling off. Also, rap stars complain about being rap stars more often than regular people complain about their jobs. But rap stars also get hero’s welcomes whenever they pop up in surprise hometown appearances. That’s got to be fun. Maybe that’s the best part of the job.

Last year, the Memphis rapper GloRilla came out of nowhere when her viral hit “FNF (Let’s Go)” launched her to stardom. GloRilla’s biggest arrival moment might’ve been the day that Cardi B jumped on a remix of her song “Tomorrow,” spitting one of last year’s best verses. GloRilla and Cardi already performed “Tomorrow 2” together at the American Music Awards, but an awards-show appearance is one thing, and a live-show guest appearance is another.

Last night, GloRilla’s first tour brought her to New York’s Irving Plaza. As Brooklyn Vegan reports, GloRilla brought her Memphis rap friends Gloss Up, Slimeroni, K Carbon, and Aleza with her, and Brooklyn drill rapper Lola Brooke also made an appearance. But the big moment of the night came when Cardi B walked onstage, barked out her “Tomorrow 2” verse, and caused general pandemonium. The audience shouted that verse right back at her, as they should, and both Cardi and GloRilla looked very, very happy. Watch a couple of videos of that moment below.

Someone actually caught what appears to be GloRilla’s entire set on video, so here’s that:

GloRilla’s debut EP Anyways, Life’s Great… is out now on CMG/Interscope.

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