Sondre Lerche – “That’s All There Is”


Sondre Lerche – “That’s All There Is”

Norwegian indie-pop veteran Sondre Lerche’s new album Patience is out in two weeks, and today he’s sharing a very interesting new song from it. “That’s All There Is” reminds us how adaptable and exploratory Lerche has been over the course of two decades. Although he made his name on twee singer-songwriter fare, he’s bent and twisted his signature sound in many ways. In this case, a theatrical old-timey pop song that seems like it could be crooned while leaning back from a piano morphs into a bleary uptempo synthpop dream.

That’s not all there is! A music video by Jon Danovic accompanies the new track. On YouTube, Lerche writes, “This video is compiled from photos submitted by followers and fans, alongside my own most cherished or bizarre photos. Thanks to all who submitted — if your photo didn’t make it, it’s only because the song is so short, and we received so many lovely photos. More than 1000. Thank you.” Watch below.

Patience is out 6/5. Pre-order it here.

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