Speedway – “Ascension” & “Walls Of Ire”

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Speedway – “Ascension” & “Walls Of Ire”


The Stockholm band Speedway have absolutely nailed a very specific style of raw, passionate melodic hardcore. They make total mosh music, but there are little things in their sound — a blazing guitar solo here, an ahhh-ahhhh backup harmony there — that make their records a tiny bit more immediate and accessible. If you’re into present-day American bands like One Step Closer, or classic ones like Turning Point, you’ll probably find a lot to like in Speedway.

Speedway started things off with a great self-titled EP in 2020, and they’ve come out with a couple of EPs since then. Right now, they’re getting ready to unleash their full-length debut, and they’ve just shared a couple of tracks. “Ascension” is a fast, catchy ripper that ends with a quick sample of Primal Scream’s “Movin’ On Up.” “Walls Of Ire” is a big, bouncy midtempo jam with just a touch of psychedelia in its riffage. Both songs kick ass, and you can hear them both below.

Speedway’s LP Promo is out now on Revelation Records.

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