Steve Marino – “Got You (In My World Now)”

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Steve Marino – “Got You (In My World Now)”


Los Angeles musician Steve Marino used to lead the Bloomington band Jacky Boy, and he’s played in groups like Angel Du$t and Bugg. Now, Marino has announced plans to follow his 2019 solo album Fluff with a new one called Too Late To Start Again, and he’s shared first single “Got You (In My World Now).”

Steve Marino recorded Too Late To Start Again with Durand Jones producer Ben Lumsdaine, and the album features guitar from the Berries’ Matt Berry and Narrow Head’s Kora Puckett, who’s also in Bugg. The album ends with a cover of Teenage Fanclub’s “I Don’t Want Control Of You.” “Got You (In My World)” is a fuzzed-out, bittersweet power-pop jam that sounds like it came directly out of ’90s college radio. Below, check out the pleasantly grainy video and the LP’s tracklist.

01 “Satisfy You”
02 “Comedown”
03 “Got You (In My World Now)”
04 “Kingdom”
05 “Leaning Off The Sun”
06 “Tune You Out”
07 “Love You More Than Before”
08 “Blue”
09 “Pins And Needles”
10 “I Don’t Want Control Of You”

Too Late To Start Again is out 7/28 on Pop Wig.

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