Stream Amygdala & Listless’ Great New Split LP


Stream Amygdala & Listless’ Great New Split LP

I have been waiting for this shit. From where I’m sitting, the San Antonio band Amygdala is one of the greatest punk bands in the world right now. Amygdala’s sound draws on screamo, crust, sludge metal, and a whole lot of other stuff, and it uses all those ingredients to make the most epically angry noise I’ve heard in a long time. Two years ago, Amygdala released Our Voices Will Soar Forever, and it was my favorite hardcore album of 2019. Today, Amygdala are back, and they’ve brought friends.

Amygdala’s new record is a split LP, and they’re sharing it with the Richmond six-piece Listless. Listless, who share members with screamo experimenters .Gif From God, are just as hard to categorize as Amygdala, and they make music that’s just as ambitiously heavy and angry. If anything, the Listless side of the split might be even heavier than the Amygdala one. Both of these bands brought it on this thing.

The Amygdala/Listless pairing is inspired. If you like one of these bands, you will almost certainly like the other. Hearing them together is somehow even more galvanizing than a pair of EPs would’ve been. Stream both sides below.

The Amygdala/Listless split is out now on Get Better Records.

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