Stream Portrayal Of Guilt’s Wholesome New Album CHRISTFUCKER


Stream Portrayal Of Guilt’s Wholesome New Album CHRISTFUCKER

In January, the intense Austin band Portrayal Of Guilt released their feverish, jagged album We Are Always Alone, which still stands as one of the best heavy albums of 2021. Today, just ten months later, Portrayal Of Guilt have already dropped a whole new LP on us. They have called it CHRISTFUCKER.

As the title implies, CHRISTFUCKER is a ride. POG recorded the album with Ben Greenberg, frontman of recent tourmates Uniform, and Greenberg adds some more industrial noise to a band that already had plenty of industrial noise going on. Touché Amoré’s Jeremy Bolm adds guest vocals to one song, and Anatomy mastermind Jenna Rose shows up on another. But even with those collaborators, Portrayal Of Guilt aren’t trying to sound friendlier or looking for larger audiences. It’s just the opposite; they’re going nasty with this one.

The “screamo” genre tag was always an uncomfortable fit for Portrayal Of Guilt, but now it doesn’t remotely apply at all. Instead, CHRISTFUCKER exists in the Venn-diagram overlap between extreme underground metal and vomit-caked noise-rock. This is all-encompassing bad-vibes music. We’ve posted the early tracks “Possession,” “…where the suffering never ends,” and “Sadist,” and now you can hear the whole record for yourself below.

CHRISTFUCKER is out now on Run For Cover.

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