Supercrush – “Be Kind To Me”


Supercrush – “Be Kind To Me”

The Seattle trio Supercrush have a big, soaring, extremely tuneful power-pop sound. The band’s members come from the worlds of punk and hardcore, and they’ve played in bands like Black Breath and Shook Ones. But as Supercrush, they make sticky, effervescent jams that sound like the Lemonheads and ’70s bubblegum at the same time. (Maybe that’s not such a big divide.)

Next month, Supercrush will follow their 2019 LP Never Let You Drift Away, which collected all their previous singles, with the new album SODO Pop, their first proper full-length. Yesterday, the band shared “Be Kind To Me,” and the song and video both offer a pretty great introduction to the Supercrush aesthetic: Handclaps, harmonies, riffs, guitar solos, pastel colors, hesher vibes, Brady Bunch split-screens. Also, it’s pretty impressive that singer/guitarist Mark Palm owns T-shirts for both Orange Crush and Grape Crush. Regional Justice Center/Militarie Gun frontman Ian Shelton directed the video; check it out below.

While you’re at it, Shelton also directed the tennis-centric video for the just-as-catchy first single “On The Telephone.” Here’s that one:

SODO Pop is out 10/9 on Don Giovanni Records.

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