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Talker is an LA-based pop-rock project led by Celeste Tauchar. “TWENTYSOMETHING,” the new Talker single out today, is brash, lively, and playfully hopeless in a way that feels akin to Wet Leg or Illuminati Hotties. Chanted lyrics abound, both spoken and shouted at the top of Tauchar’s lungs. As the music bashes along, she details coming-of-age struggles like joblessness and falling off her parents’ insurance. One key refrain: “I thought the whole point of misery/ Was to get a little company/ So if you’re not listening/ Then you’re no good to me!”

If you are, however, inclined to listen to Talker, you can do so via director Sylvie Krekow’s fun “TWENTYSOMETHING” music video below.

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