Tasha – "But There's Still The Moon"


Tasha – "But There's Still The Moon"

Constants are hard to come by these days. With everything in a state of perpetual upheaval, sometimes it helps to look to the stars to calm us down, to remind us that the world, in some form or another, will continue its gravitational pull. Tasha’s new song, “But There’s Still The Moon,” takes hold of life’s little sureties, however grand or small they might be.

It’s the Chicago musician’s first new song since the release of her 2018 debut full-length, Alone At Last, and it has the same sort of sleepy assuredness, radiating a calm that is infectious. “But there’s still the moon/ And I still really love the color blue/ And after the quiet comes/ I still have my baby’s sleepy hum,” she sings in the chorus, guitars strumming like a twinkling lullaby. Listen to it below.

“But There’s Still The Moon” is out now via Father/Daughter Records.

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