The Big Pink – “Love Spins On Its Axis”


The Big Pink – “Love Spins On Its Axis”

In the late ’00s and early ’10s, British duo the Big Pink released two albums of blown-out, synth-heavy shoegaze, and then they more or less disappeared completely, returning only for the 2015 single “Hightimes” and the 2016 EP Empire Underground. Earlier this year, the Big Pink — now made up of founding member Robbie Furze, drummer Akiko Matsuura, and bassist Charlie Barker — came back with the new single “No Angels.” It wasn’t a one-off. Today, the Big Pink have unleashed another new jam.

Robbie Furze co-wrote the new single “Love Spins On Its Axis” with the Kills’ Jamie Hince and with the UK singer-songwriter Jamie T. The song features contributions from Jamie T and from the British indie-folk duo Dust In The Sunlight. It’s a big, bleary, catchy song that combines a synthpop skeleton with a whole lot of squealing electronic effects. Check it out below.

“Love Spins On Its Axis” is out now on Project Melody Music.

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