The Chisel – “Retaliation”


The Chisel – “Retaliation”

Last year, the great UK punk band the Chisel got together in London. Since then, they’ve cranked out three EPs of simplistic shit-stomping leftist anthems that draw on street-punk, oi, and old-school hardcore: Deconstructive Surgery last year, Come See Me / Not The Only One and Enough Said this year. If you’ve heard those records, you already know what time it is.

A couple members of Chubby And The Gang, including frontman Chubby Charles, also play in the Chisel, and members of the Chisel have also played in important UK hardcore bands like Violent Reaction and Arms Race, but the Chisel’s records might be even better than those connections suggest. And today, the Chisel have announced that they’ll release their first full-length LP next month.

The Chisel recorded Retaliation with Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco, the same guy who produced their EP. The song’s first single is its title track, and it’s exactly the kind of tough and direct rager that the Chisel do so well. In director Chris Ogden‘s “Retaliation’ video, the members of the band blast through a performance while stepping on their own vinyl singles. Check it out below.

Retaliation is out 11/26 on La Vida Es Un Musos Discos.

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