Underworld – “denver luna (acappella)”

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Underworld – “denver luna (acappella)”


Underworld, ’90s heroes of British rave, have been playing big festivals all year, and they released a massive single called “and the colour red” back in April. Today, the long-running duo has followed that single with “denver luna (acappella),” a new track with a surprisingly accurate title.

“denver luna (acappella)” is a short song, just two and a half minutes, and it never features the brain-shattering beat-drop that decades of exposure to “Born Slippy” have led me to expect. Instead, the song features nothing other than Karl Hyde’s vocals, which are so heavily treated and synthetically enhanced that the only barely sound human. Even without the booming catharsis of so many other Underworld tracks, though, “denver luna (acappella)” still builds in tension, and it seems likely to lead into something cathartic, whether on an album or at a live show. Check it out below.

“denver luna (acappella)” is out now on Virgin.

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