Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2023

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Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2023


What is this year’s Song Of The Summer? Conventional wisdom suggests 2023 has not yielded one undeniable, ubiquitous, season-defining tune, and according to raw statistical data, the default pick would be Morgan Wallen’s long-running #1 smash “Last Night,” a not-particularly-special track that feels like it fell backwards into an historic chart run. But surely we’re not about to let that stop us from anointing a truly awesome summer jam as 2023’s ultimate sweltering anthem.

Every year around this time, once we’ve all had ample opportunity to figure out what’s been soundtracking the year’s hottest stretch, the Stereogum community comes together to cast our votes and land on some kind of consensus. The dog days have once again arrived, therefore so has this hallowed poll. We’ve also assembled a video with some helpful suggestions from Perfume Genius, Killer Mike, Jockstrap, Illuminati Hotties, Snail Mail, Weyes Blood, MJ Lenderman, and Buck Meek, all of whom we put on the spot at last month’s Pitchfork Music Festival.

Remember, any song is eligible for this honor. You can vote for a single that just came out, a song that dropped many months ago, or an even older track that became an inextricable part of your 2023 memories. The Song Of The Summer is defined however you want it to be. But choose wisely because you only get one vote.

Polls are open until noon ET on Thursday, Aug. 10. In order to vote, you must submit an email address, which we will not share with anyone and will only use to sign you up for our weekly email newsletter (if you click yes, which you should — it’s a great newsletter). Cast your ballot below, and campaign for your favorites in the comments.

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