Watch Wet Leg Bring Out Dave Grohl To Scream On “Ur Mum” At Coachella

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Watch Wet Leg Bring Out Dave Grohl To Scream On “Ur Mum” At Coachella


Wet Leg returned to Coachella last night for a set on the Mojave stage. During their performance, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers brought out Dave Grohl to help them do a “longest and loudest scream.” As they wrapped up “Ur Mum,” Teasdale asked the audience to help them scream it out, and lo and behold, Grohl (who just announced a new Foo Fighters album) popped up to scream along with the band. (Fun fact: Prior to playing drums in Nirvana, Grohl used to be in the DC hardcore punk band Scream when he was still a teenager.)

He’s also a noted fan of Wet Leg, telling the Guardian last year: “This [Isle of Wight] band is starting to blow up in America. A friend forwarded me their song ‘Chaise Longue’ and I thought, Oh this is great. It’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s new, it’s just completely entertaining. Great sense of humour, great beat, great riffs, totally hooky. I started forwarding it to my friends, and whenever we get together for our living room dance parties, that’s the one song everyone jumps off the couch and dances to. There are nights when we just play that song on repeat. They make brilliant videos too. I can’t wait to see them live.”

Watch Wet Leg scream it out with Grohl below.

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