Yves Tumor – "Romanticist / Dream Palette"


Yves Tumor – "Romanticist / Dream Palette"

Yves Tumor is releasing a new album, Heaven To A Tortured Mind, at the end of the week. Both singles from the album so far, “Gospel For A New Century” and “Kerosene!” have landed on our list of the best songs of the week.

Today, Yves Tumor is releasing another single from it, and this time it’s two songs in one: “Romanticist” and “Dream Palette,” which come back-to-back on the tracklist and blend seamlessly into one another, are both anchored by crunchy guitars and blown-out noise. Kelsey Lu contributed vocals to the first track and Sunflower Bean’s Julia Cumming sings on the second.

Listen to them below.

Heaven To A Tortured Mind is out 4/3 via Warp.

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