Dinah Jane Takes It To The Bedroom On Sizzling "1501"


Dinah Jane Takes It To The Bedroom On Sizzling "1501"

Dinah Jane Drops ‘SZNS’

Dinah Jane has really been spoiling us this month. Last week, the Fifth Harmony star dropped a naughty banger called “Lottery” and now, she takes us back to the bedroom on “1501.” Make no mistake, this is an R-rated bop. “You gon’ want it again, it won’t be a fade,” the 22-year-old coos over M-Phazes’ slick production. “It’s that work I put in, you gon’ wanna race.” However, Dinah is calling the shots here. “Right back to the spot like there’s somethin’ you forgot, oh yeah — no need for us to wait.”

Things continue to heat up on the catchy chorus. “I can’t wait to get you in this room,” she belts. “You ain’t ever wanna leave my room.” At this rate, Dinah’s debut album might have to come with a warning sticker! “‘1501′ is finally unlocked for you,” the budding solo star announced on social media. “Thank you guys for being so patient [with] me dropping new music. This is just a token of thanks to my listeners hehe two baby-makin’ records back to back.” Listen to Dinah’s sexy new single below.

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