Inhaler’s Hot Streak Continues With “Falling In”


Inhaler’s Hot Streak Continues With “Falling In”

Inhaler’s ‘Ice Cream Sundae’

Inhaler ranked as one of the breakout acts of 2019 thanks to the retro brilliance of “Ice Cream Sundae.” The Irish band then backed it up earlier this year with the rollicking “We Have To Move One.” They now make it three great songs in a row with “Falling In.” Produced by Antony Genn, Inhaler’s latest is about taming your ego. “When you talk to the ceiling, you talk to yourself,” frontman Elijah Hewson (who just happens to be the son of Bono) begins the song. “What a glorious feeling.”

That takes us to the fast and furious chorus. “Falling in,” he chants over cascading guitars. “Oh you just don’t know what you’re missing, when you disappear.” What inspired the song? “Being a young band on tour… has opened our eyes to the excitement and exhilaration of life and being up on stage and feeling wanted and loved can be a very powerful drug,” Elijah explains. “We are just beginning to encounter our own egos and becoming aware that allowing it to be in charge of who you are can be your downfall.”

“You can cut yourself on its sharp edges and bleed to death if you’re not careful,” he continues. “We want to meet our egos head on, shake their hands and give them a hug. We are not afraid of them. We know we need each other. Your ego can be your friend, but you need your mates to make sure it doesn’t boss you around.” Listen to “Falling In” below.

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