Mariah Carey Drops Three ‘Music Box’ Remix EPs


Mariah Carey Drops Three ‘Music Box’ Remix EPs

Mimi Drops ‘The Live Debut’ EP

It’s time for Mariah Carey to crack open the vault and share some more goodies as part of her ongoing #MC30 celebration. So far, Mimi has commemorated the 30th anniversary of her debut album by dropping a live EP and a bunch of remix packages. After sharing floor-fillers from her debut and Emotions, the pop icon turns her attention to 1993’s all-conquering Music Box. She blesses us with remix EPs for three classic songs this week — “Dreamlover,” “Never Forget You” (a double A-side with “Without You”) and “Anytime You Need A Friend.”

Let’s start with “Never Forget You” because it’s always been a favorite of mine and the EP is the most concise at a manageable three tracks. Mariah really goes all out with the other two, however. There are nine remixes of “Dreamlover” as well as two sought-after live recordings and a whopping 13 remixes of “Anytime You Need A Friend.” It goes without saying that too much Mimi is never enough and all three EPs are an essential addition to any self-respecting Lamb’s collection. Stream them all in full below.


“Anytime You Need A Friend”:

“Never Forget You”:

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