Slayyyter Drops Killer Remix Of Britney’s “Gimme More”


Slayyyter Drops Killer Remix Of Britney’s “Gimme More”

Slayyyter Covers ‘Everytime’

Breakout/semi-canceled pop star Slayyyter is a diehard Britney Spears fan. The 23-year-old blessed us with a cover of “Everytime” last year and now brightens up 2020 with a killer (and quite obviously unauthorized remix) of “Gimme More.” I’m usually not in favor of fucking with the classics, but this reimagining is very much in the spirit of the original. “It’s Slayyyter bitch, material girl I’m just like Madonna,” she begins the song. “Got the fangs so sharp like piranhas, put it in my cart if I wanna.”

Catherine Slater (her real name) keeps on bragging as the song progresses. “Let him toss my lettuce with the salad on the side,” Slayyyter coos. “Oh me oh my, I’m the skinniest bitch alive.” Where’s her Grammy? As for Britney, well, she takes care of the chorus — which remains thankfully untouched. The “Daddy AF” troublemaker delivered one of 2019’s most irreverent and fun mixtapes, so time will tell what she dishes out after quarantine is over. In the meantime, brace yourself for “Gimme More 2.0” below.

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